We are just one of many organisations associated with effective altruism. Here are some of our friends:

The Life You Can Save

Peter Singer established this organisation which recommends charities that assist the world’s poorest people through evidence-backed interventions, explains principles of effective giving and encourages to take a pledge to donate a percentage of your income to the most impactful charities. Over 18,500 people have already taken the pledge!

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80000 Hours

80,000 Hours offer free in-depth research and advice about how to make the biggest difference possible with your career, both through overall career choice and within a given field. Find out why following your passion may not lead to job satisfaction, why pursuing high-earning career could be more effective than working for charities and so much more!

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GiveWell Charity Evaluators

A non-profit dedicated to finding the most cost-effective giving opportunities and publishing the full details of analysis to help people decide where to donate. Currently their top recommended charities focus on global health interventions

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Against Malaria Foundation

GiveWell and The Life You Can Save top rated charity that that provides mosquito nets to populations at high risk of malaria, primarily in Africa. GiveWell has estimated that this charity saves a child’s life for every £1,970 spent. The organisation has been a gold standard for efficiency and transparency because it shows how money from each donation was spent, provides photos and videos from net distributions and monitors usage of nets.

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Giving What We Can

Extreme poverty affects a third of the world’s population, bringing death, disease and starvation. It’s an ongoing disaster which we cannot ignore.

Giving What We Can: London believes that charitable donations can do an incredible amount of good. However, some charities can do 1,000 times as much good with a donation as others! So it is critical that we give our money to the most effective charities, so that it will have the greatest impact possible.

By pledging 10% of our incomes to the most effective charities, we can save thousands of lives and eventually eradicate diseases like malaria and schistosomiasis.

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Animal Charity Evaluators

A non-profit with a mission to find and promote the most cost-effective ways to help animals. Their recommended charities advocate for farm animals by conducting undercover investigations, engaging in corporate and legal outreach, promoting vegetarianism.

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Future of Life Institute

According to studies, probability that human kind will fail to survive this century is bigger than 20%. Given what’s at stake, even a miniscule reduction of risks to humanity is enormously important. FLI works on reducing risks related to artificial superintelligence, biotechnology, nuclear weapons and climate change.

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