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Research meeting /giving circle: EA from Equality/Justice Stance

April 27 at 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Starting a group to think about how to change the world from an equality / justice based perspective, with a £1000 pot of funding to distribute. ***
If you don’t have this ethical viewpoint but know people who do please share this event with them thank you.


We live in a world in which 62 people hold as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion. We live in a world in which a pro rape campaign group can gather enough supporters to hold events in forty two cities across the globe. We live in a world in which the regularly heard words “someone on the tracks” connotes a human being’s unbearable despair at life and evokes a mild to severe frustration at the unexpected inconvenience added to an A to B journey. We live in a world in which hatred runs free and inequality is an embedded norm of human life – Let’s FIX our world.


• Motivated by a deep underlying sense of the wrongness of inequality and a need to end injustices.
• Willing to put in time, effort and resources to creating change and investigating and exploring the most effective ways to improve this world we live in.
• Open minded enough to be guided by collected research and evidence.

Then this event is for you.


To spark constructive conversation there is £1000 in the pot to go to whatever charity attendees think is the most effective at improving the world. Come help make this decision.


We want to ask and discuss the following questions:
• How do we understand equality and justice and understand our own values and ethical framework?
• Where is there the biggest opportunity, a gap in the market for doing good, a way in which we can have a huge impact on the world?
• And what are the next steps we should each take away to make this a reality?


We will be upstairs in the pub function room. The Crown, 108 Blackfriars Road.SE1 8HW
If you cannot find us call Ellie on 07966597054

NOTE: This event was run previously (without the £1000 charity pot). Due to unexpected circumstances it was not followed up on. However due to popular demand it is back.
(See: )



In the business world if there is a gap in the market and a way to make money it is snapped up quickly by efficient entrepreneurs. In the world of doing good, until recently there are very few people trying to optimise to do as much good.

Over the past decade different individuals and researchers from across the globe have created powerful resources to help support and advise normal individuals like me and you on how to do the most good we can with our lives. For example if you care about animals welfare see Animal Charity Evaluators, if you are deciding on high impact career see 80,000 Hours and if you care about human welfare see Giving What We Can.

And the results of these ‘effective altruism’ research pieces have been staggering. There are opportunities to do huge amounts of good in the world. Giving to a top charity has 100s of times the impact of giving to an average charity. Some causes are much more important than others. Each of us can make a huge impact, save lives, lead to thousands of years of schooling, and so on.

Can we apply this to help those people driven by values of equality and a just society find a way to have a staggeringly huge impact on the world? Can we oursleves be open minded enough to let evidence and reason guide the causes we choose to care about? We do not know the answer but we damn well want to try.

Interesting reading on this is topic: (inc


April 27
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Effective Altruism London