Who we are

Effective Altruism is a growing social movement that combines both the heart and the head: compassion guided by data and reason. In London we come together to try and make the world a better place as effectively as possible. Our values are as varied as our membership and whatever your beliefs, you will find supportive people who will help you to achieve your goals as successfully as possible while having fun along the way.

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What we think

Everyone has the ability to create meaningful positive change in the world. Some efforts are far more effective than others and we use reason and evidence to shape our altruistic endeavours. We have no fundamental preference for any cause or organisation and we always welcome challenges to our methods. As such, we would love to hear your feedback on ways in which we could be improving our approach.

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What we do

We want to help you to discover what’s important to you and to turn your values into actions. We do this by connecting you to like-minded individuals and groups within our community and by hosting workshops, discussions, speaker events and socials. Our events focus on a variety of topics that include careers, self-care, selecting a cause, and specific global and social issues. Everyone is welcome to attend and we are always looking for members of our community to suggest and run events.

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A lot of material has been developed on how we can go about doing a lot of good. We’ve collated some of the best books, videos and essays, plus other sites with a focus on Effective Altruism.

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