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Not to understate the current political situation but the UK seems to be in an for an itsy-bitsy mess. We voted to leave the EU, our main parties appear to be in somewhat of a disarray and no one seems quite able to pin down what will happen next.

It is my belief that the question on our minds – on the minds of those who are politically engaged, whether remain or leave voters – should be:

What are the best changes to push for right now?

Let’s take a step back from the immediate questions of whether we remain or leave and how to prevent the apparent rise in xenophobia. There is large-scale dissatisfaction at how politics are working post-Brexit and a lack of clear voices pulling in any particular direction, meaning it may well be the case that now is the ideal time to push for certain political and systemic changes in the UK.

Personally I am wondering whether now a good time to push for more rationality and evidence in policy making.

So let’s consider:

  • What are the highest impact changes to push for now?
  • Is the current uncertainty and political turmoil and racism highlighting problems with our system that we have a genuine chance of addressing?
  • What is tractable and achievable?
  • Where is there consensus across remain and leave that there are systemic flaws?
  • Where is there consensus across right and left that there are systemic flaws?

I would like to propose the following issues as the key ones for consideration:

  • Media bias / limited media ownership
  • Media lies and misleading information
  • Lies from political individuals
  • Post-truth politics and a rejection of experts
  • UK democratic reform
  • EU democratic reform

Now there are many reasons why pushing for political changes like these might be a poor idea. It may well be a sub-optimal use of time compared to pushing on issues that affect developing countries or the long-run future of humanity. It may be the case that now is a very poor time to try to change things as the political space is crowded and noisy with people pushing in every direction. It may be that even after trying to consider a wider picture people conclude that the obvious questions (eg remain/leave) are the highest impact ones to worry about.

However, I know many of you are very politically engaged and to you I hope this post if nothing else encourages you to take a small step back in thinking about what the most important and tractable changes to push for right now are.

And if anyone wants to organise an event around this idea or do some serious thinking into what changes to push for then feel free to get in touch via

NOTES / DISCLAIMER: EA London is non-partisan. We welcome people from across the political spectrum and will not take a view on leave/remain or right/left-wing etc. My biases to be aware of: I personally have had an interest for a while in making policy making more evidenced based and rational. I personally voted to remain.